7 life lessons to learn from this babe.

Ok so this babe is #EverythingGoals. There's just one thing... 

She's a character.

It's true. We found Eeni, "the eclectic fashionista" on IG. Her style/ travel/ lifestyle page is all kinds of fabulous. I mean so what she's not really real, her illustator is brilliant! 

We have 7 life lessons to learn from her, see for yourself. 


It's really that simple.

2. Spread love, its the naija way?

Brooklyn coined it first, but it's true. Spread positive vibes only.

3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Get it right, get it tight.

4. #Work #WOrk #Work

... For the lifestyle you dream of. The path isn't always easy, but the destination will be worth it.

Tokyo? Santorini? Lagos?

5. Adventure out!  

Whether near or far, there's so much to see and learn from. Go!

This one lowkey reminds me of me. Is that weird? Lol maybe its the braids.

6. Stand for what you believe in.

Sometimes, literally.

7. Keep slaying.

Wherever you go, keep that light shining. 

Slay even while taking public transportation?

These illustrations are so chic, right? I kinda want to see her at notable places in Nigeria next. What do you think?

For more, check out this fabulous, Naija chic on her instagram page @Eeni_edit. I believe they also have a shop!